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Mental Health Initiative for Veterans

For Tony Solomon, an Army veteran turned behavioral health advocate, a newly announced state initiative is just what Texas needs to focus on the coordination of mental health care programs for veterans. …read more...

Lockheed helps military vets stay on a mission

Mike Stickney says his 27 years in the Air Force filled him with a sense of mission. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

Military Connection: An Incredible Hero: By Debbie Gregory

An Army Chaplain is displaying exemplary valor and stalwart resolve in her third battle against cancer. Maj. Melissa Culbreth, brigade chaplain for North Carolina National Guard’s 449th Theater Aviation Brigade, knows all about the...

4 Pearl Harbor survivors gather for reunion

Four of the remaining nine survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack are vowing this year’s anniversary won’t be their last reunion. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon

9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon by An Aeronautical Engineer (with Jim Fetzer) “This article explains why high-speed flight in relatively close proximity to the ground [as for Flight 77]...

Op-ed | Obama’s Middle East Strategy Is Failing Fast

The distribution of the most recent video of a Westerner murdered by Islamic State, or ISIS, militants should serve as a stark reminder of the threat we face in the Middle East. The execution...

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