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Shameless Commerce, the Merchants of Death

We have two new SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) platforms for immediate delivery in .308 Win. Below are sniper platforms in .300 AAC and .223 Win. We have one “almost free” deal for a “first...

Shrimpton – The Vulcan Trial (2)

What the CPS are saying in effect is that if you call in a suspicious package on a Tube train you are committing the actus reus of a bomb hoax. That with respect is...

NEO – Mideast crisis and America’s shifting alliances

– Salman Sheikh gives us a tour of the evolving US-Iran relationship, viewed as a Hail Mary pass because the Israel Lobby has to be defeated for it to succeed. …read more Read more...

New Drone Era Undermines Privacy and Security

Drone technology has become so accessible these days that some people have resorted to making their own remote-controlled machines and are having fun with it. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Congressmen Admit to NOT reading NDAA before Voting

US House members admitted they had not read the entire $585 billion, 1,648-page National Defense Authorization Act, which predominantly specifies budgeting for the Defense Department, before it was voted on Thursday in Congress. …read...

Rethinking Cancer Treatment

Restoring Immunity Rather than Destroying It by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall As western medicine comes under ever greater domination by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, a growing health freedom movement advocates for patients’ right to...

Israel airstrikes hit near Damascus airport – Russia Today

– Israeli airstrikes have hit targets near Damascus International Airport and in the town of Dimas near the Lebanon border, Syrian state TV reports. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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