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An Ant Farm: Is the Earth One?

Health Editor’s Note: Do you ever feel like you are begin watched? Could we earthlings be that ant farm that aliens watch for amusement? Something else to think about…..Carol Are Aliens Ignoring Us? Maybe...

The Crime if Doubt or is it Fact? Will We Every Know?

ELEISON COMMENTS by His Excellency Richard Williamson Law-Courts Conclude Number DCX (610)Printable PDF ”The truth is mighty and will prevail,” And States that lean on lies will fail. On January 31 last, the European...

Netanyahu Orders “Stand Down” of Iron Dome in Election Fraud

Editor’s note: As Trump moves toward giving Syria’s Golan oil reserves to Israel, in direct contravention of UN Security Council resolution (to which the US was signatory), Netanyahu has sacrificed an Israeli family. The...

The Mueller Fraud

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Without Robert Mueller, the US might well have gone to war based on the evidence you see in the video above and so much more, all of it destroyed...

Seriously, How Big Was the Splash?

A meteor that snuck by the world’s telescopes and exploded over the Bering Sea was caught on camera after all. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Ultima Thule: Two in One

“Ultima Thule is beyond remarkable.” …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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