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ISIL terrorists used US-made CWs in Syria: Analyst

– An analyst says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group has used US-made chemical weapons in a series of chemical attacks across Syria. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Fateful week for US-Iran talks

The signs are that Iran’s Supreme Leader has authorized the Iranian negotiators to clinch a deal. The Iran Daily newspaper, which is identified with the Supreme leader’s office has showered fulsome praise on Rouhani’s...

Uncertainties swirl as VA ‘Choice Card’ deadline nears

Congress last August gave the Department of Veteran Affairs 90 days to issue medical “Choice Cards” to 9.1 million veterans enrolled in VA care. The tight deadline of Nov. 5 won’t be met, say...

Veterans Affairs chief woos Vt., N.H. medical students

From WPTZ: The secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to woo medical students in Vermont and New Hampshire into careers with the VA. Secretary Robert McDonald met with 200 students at...

“We Didn’t Fight For This”

Last week, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) launched Get Out The Veteran (GOTVets) to encourage veterans and military families to make their voices heard by voting on Election Day. Today, as part of that...

Indiana inmates helping reset veteran headstones

Inmates from the Henryville Correctional Facility are helping the state reset hundreds of headstones at a southern Indiana cemetery for military veterans. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

A Shift toward Recognizing Palestine

Imagine that all of the 20 European Union states which have not yet recognized the State of Palestine were to do so and that the EU were then to announce that, if Israel did...

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