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Does Netanyahu Speak for You

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that when he comes to Washington next month, he’ll be speaking “not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people.” …read...

Philly metal band rocks for wounded warriors

By day, Mike Ellis and Nikki Shannon rehab homes they’ve bought, then sell them and rehab some more. By night, they morph into Crown of Earth, playing wall-shaking anthems with bandmates Chris Graziola, Danny...

Op-ed | Lt. Clint Lorance could be any one of us

The vast majority of Americans cannot comprehend the reality of combat. Media portrayals, no matter how seemingly realistic, only dimly reflect the true nature of what it means to come under fire from an...

Terrorisme sans frontieres

In preparing this article I struggled to find a defined definition of “terrorism” whether in international law or in transnational law. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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