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GOP Immigration Con: “Sweatshop America”

Most experts agree America has at least 12 million undocumented workers, “illegal aliens” as it were. The real number is higher than 20 million. The GOP/Tea Party would tell you they will take your...

Murder in Jerusalem

When it comes to the killing and murder of innocent people there is no room for hypocrisy. Hypocrisy was plenty by main stream media, by politicians all over the US and Europe even in...

Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice

– Jim W. Dean…’Intel analysts’ first question on the UN making a fool of itself once again on its Iran human rights abuse report is “why now” ?’ …read more Read more here:: Veterans...

Kiev Plans Full-Scale War

Ukraine is the most serious post-WW II geopolitical crisis. At risk is escalated East/West confrontation. Possible global war. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Minor Anomaly Threatens

I received this today and am passing this on. We may well have the ability to verify whether this video is accurate. If so, one of two things will happen; I will pass the...

MKO, Driving Force Behind Anti-Iran UN Resolution

By Dr. Ismail Salami The not-very-independent UN body has made a mockery of justice by soldering a resolution on the so-called human rights violations in Iran. The farce becomes more markedly absurd when you...

Specialty Food Distributor Hiring Now!

DPI brings unique market niche and retail experience to create exciting programs, tailored for each retailer’s individual needs. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

Pilger and Assange, Theatre of the Absurd (redux)

I woke up today faced with a John Pilger piece defending Julian Assange. I had heard Pilger speak in Australia, at what was supposed to be a peace conference. I thought the crowd was...

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