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NEO – China’s Global Political Shift

Jim W. Dean…”The continuing economic fratricide in the West has caused China to look for more stable long term partners among its neighbors. Peking seems to have chosen them all.” …read more Read more...

Half Moon Over Damascus

What are terrorists? Circus frogs jumping into the air on command! It was an act never before seen! …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Missouri lawmaker proposes Medicaid expansion for veterans

A Missouri Republican proposed expanding Medicaid coverage to low-income military veterans and their families Tuesday as a slimmed down alternative to a broader Medicaid expansion that has been opposed by many of his GOP...

Vet suicide prevention bill moves forward in Senate

The Clay Hunt SAV Act, named after a Marine vet who committed suicide in 2011, was passed by the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and now must pass a vote in the full Senate to...

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