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“We Didn’t Fight For This”

Last week, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) launched Get Out The Veteran (GOTVets) to encourage veterans and military families to make their voices heard by voting on Election Day. Today, as part of that...

Indiana inmates helping reset veteran headstones

Inmates from the Henryville Correctional Facility are helping the state reset hundreds of headstones at a southern Indiana cemetery for military veterans. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

A Shift toward Recognizing Palestine

Imagine that all of the 20 European Union states which have not yet recognized the State of Palestine were to do so and that the EU were then to announce that, if Israel did...

The Historic And Evolving Role Of Women In The Military

The fourth film in a series of documentaries airing on PBS, “MAKERS: Women in War,” opens with a group of Marines lining up to receive belts of ammunition prior to training on a live-fire...

Putin calling, is Obama hearing?

Big things sometimes happen innocuously in politics. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

Israel Losing Support In UK Says Ambassador

‘Britain’s ambassador to Israel has warned that the Jewish state is losing support in the UK, blaming the summer offensive in Gaza and increased settlement construction in the Occupied West Bank. …read more Read...

Op-Ed | Helping VA do better

t is essential that new ideas and fresh proposals, from outside VA and from all perspectives, be brought to the table for consideration. And we needed that to happen yesterday. Therefore, I am pleased...

Task & Purpose Is Hiring A Digital Engagement Editor

Task & Purpose is looking for a digital engagement editor to work in our New York office. Task & Purpose is among the largest and fastest growing military news sites on the web, garnering...

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