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The Netanyahu Win and What it Means

What does Bibi’s win mean to the different stakeholders? …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Military Connection: DOD Posts 3rd Quarter Suicide Report

By Debbie Gregory. On March 9, 2015, the Department of Defense (DOD) released its Quarterly Suicide Report (QSR) for the third quarter of 2014, representing the time period of July through September. The QSRs...

Announcement on Agent Orange Postponed by VA

In a previous blog post, we discussed the issue of VA disability compensation for reservists who flew C-123 planes contaminated with Agent Orange. Vets say that residue of the powerful herbicide used during the...

Veterans Independence Act: Restructuring the VHA

A key aspect of the Veterans Independence Act is a restructuring of the Veterans Health Administration, separating its payor and provider entities into two different institutions. The post Veterans Independence Act: Restructuring the VHA...

Bibi’s endless Nightmare

Bibi came to America and delivered his speech in front of Members of Congress. But has he now created an endless nightmare for himself, the likudists and Israel? …read more Read more here:: Veterans...

NEO – The World if Gore had won

In 1990, a plan to take down America was hatched in a Jerusalem bar. The group planned on starting a nuclear war with the US being the loser. …read more Read more here:: Veterans...

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