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Canada Does A Lot Of Things Right … But Not War Movies

This week on Task & Purpose Radio: The Warzone, Patrick, Adam, and Lauren review the 2015 Canadian war film Hyena Road. While Canada does a lot of things right ― health care, maple syrup,...

Trump team is a major national security risk to the US

Jim W. Dean – Just when I think the US could not sink any lower in its geopolitical demagoguery I get blindside by this incredible White house statement about the Assad government preparing a...

We Must Support Theatre 80 and Lorcan Otway!

Lorcan Otway is a staunch supporter of freedom of speech and an authentic defender of the 1st amendment. He didn’t capitulate to Zionist pressure. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Summarypany in support of Learners Essays24

Custom Paper Writing They frequently possess a pre-written database of essays to choose from, but that aren’t custom written for his or her clients. For the busy student, it can be difficult to fit...

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