DFNS.net Veterans Blog

The F-35 is about to become the Air Force’s ultimate enemy

The Air Force is preparing Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to host an aggressor squadron flying F-35 stealth fighters. The Air Force in May 2019 announced it would re-establish a defunct squadron that...

D-Day vet bonded with 9-year-old through the magic of music

As the big-band classic “All Or Nothing At All” piped into Sorrentino’s headphones, he was no longer a 96-year-old battling dementia. He was 20, an Army combat engineer heading across the English Channel to...

Medical marijuana takes hit when weed legal for all

When states legalize pot for all adults, long-standing medical marijuana programs take a big hit, in some cases losing more than half their registered patients in just a few years, according to a data...

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