Author: DFNS

Iran and the Bomb

Iran does not want the bomb, but the and Neoconservatives want to bomb Iran anyway because Iran upsets their political and essentially Talmudic worldview. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

5 Ways Being The Boss Changes After The Military

Being a boss in the military was about hard and fast conformity. But this stops after service, and civilian employees can actually quit when they want (and they do). This alone can be hard...

The Real Reason For The Poor State Of Military Morale

Recently, the Military Times published an article about the declining morale of the armed forces. It hit a big nerve, and rightfully so. A military with poor morale is a military that fights poorly....

Big names, support behind Iowa vets project

A veteran is a veteran. No matter where, when or which branch they served in, all are brothers and sisters in arms. All are entitled to much for their service: physical and mental health...

Free will explained coherently in Salon…WTF?

When I turn to philosophy and pick up a new work, the technical stuff makes me think that perhaps the idea to burn the Great Library of Alexandria was not such a bad one...

Avnery – My Glorious Brothers

Jim W. Dean…”Amazingly, in this piece Uri seems to be advocating a celebration of terrorists — the-end-justifies-the-means people who will do anything for their cause du jour.” …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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