Author: DFNS

Machine Manufacturer Hiring Veterans Today!

Mactech is a world leader in the production of portable machining and heat treating equipment. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

Some Texas disabled veterans have foster families

Half a dozen Christmas packages lay in front of the fireplace in Eileen Merize’s home in Katy. There were some wrapped for her, others for her husband, Rudolph. …read more Read more here:: Veterans...

Veterans recall holidays spent thousands of miles from family

Arthur McGann spent Christmases 1943 and 1944 far away from home. Korean War veteran Jim Flynn of Connellsville spent Christmas 1951 as a mess sergeant, cooking for 700 in his outfit in Germany. In...

Ohio veteran returns to Dutch cave where soldiers celebrated Mass

They went under cover of darkness, trying to evade Hitler’s army. Some arrived directly from the front lines, bone-tired. Their destination: A cave not far from Maastricht, Holland, where they would celebrate Christmas Mass...

Georgia veterans have favorite war movies

Christmas is a time of peace, love, goodwill toward men and, apparently, watching war movies. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

Santa drinks reindeer piss!

The original Santa really did fly through the sky with his reindeer. Here’s how. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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