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The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to providing Veterans every opportunity they have earned. We bolstered our efforts during the implementation of the new Transition Assistance Program. We now have permanent Benefits Advisors...

No shortage of veterans bills in Virginia General Assembly

Virginia lawmakers are considering a flurry of bills to help the 780,000-plus veterans in the state, including a measure to authorize up to $28.5 million for a care center in Hampton Roads. …read more...

Dying ‘good career move’ for French hate-mag

Muslim world is responding with restraint and dignity to the latest vile conduct by Western so-called free-speech secularism …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

Robert Faurisson on the Charlie Hebdo Debacle

Robert Faurisson: “Jewish organisations affect an attitude of desiring to come to the aid of freedom of opinion and expression but, in reality, what they are demanding is increased repression against “Holocaust denial.” …read...

VT Nuclear Edutation: CIA Iran Trial and More

Classified background on the CIA/Iran nuke trial with new disclosure material on America’s nuclear programs. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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