Author: DFNS

Charlie Hebdo, Zionism & Media Deception

Mustapha pondered whether the attack was stage-managed by the intelligence services, considering the two deceased suspects were being closely surveyed and watched by French intelligence and police for years, their names even showing up...

Welfare veterans don’t need

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives unanimously approved the Hire More Heroes Act, which would exempt businesses from counting newly hired military veterans toward the 50-worker threshold at which they must provide health...

Having Fun at 81

Marina is the perfect example of how early childhood pain or the seeming separation from love can cause us to emotionally stop growing, create a self-protective ego and go through our life unconsciously recreating...

Uri Avnery – Netanyahu’s Re-Election Counterattack

Jim W. Dean…”In Israel, Jews can challenge any damn thing that they want. The Israeli Knesset is often the political version of American tag team wrestling ring.” …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Western politics of high-octane emotion

Western governments and their pliable news media are audaciously playing politics with public emotions. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

Homeless veterans get free eye exams, glasses

Ray Sutton peered through a pair of used eyeglasses and attempted to read the print on the “Military Spouse” magazine he picked up at a homeless shelter in Phoenix Saturday. …read more Read more...

Businesses catering to veterans grow in San Bernardino County

Warzone Boxing Club’s owner Al Franco grew up in a household where his father, uncles and brothers were Marines, and he learned to appreciate their service. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now...

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