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Jon Stewart Is Helping Veterans Break Into TV Industry

In fact, he has been running this program with some degree of secrecy for three years, according to a New York Times interviewwith the long-time host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. …read more...

Explore Ways Community Colleges Serve Veterans

Stepping into a classroom after years of serving in the military full time can be difficult, especially for veterans who are still adjusting to civilian life. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now...

Injured combat veterans face ban on IVF coverage

After Army Staff Sgt. Alex Dillman was paralyzed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, the Department of Veterans Affairs paid to retrofit his truck so he could drive it and bought him a handcycle...

How Cultural Diplomacy Supports American Military Objectives

Every year, hundreds of Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets travel the globe as part of the Army’s Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program. They spend up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning...

Does George Soros Control the Obama White House?

Soros’s influence not only extends over the Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute individual bankers for currency manipulation but also Obama’s foreign policy. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

7 Habits of Highly Effective Student Veterans

At an academic boot camp for enlisted veterans held at Harvard University last year, John Korn, one of the executive directors of the Harvard Business School, shared some valuable advice to help veterans understand...

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