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20 Things You Only Understand If You’ve Deployed

One of the greatest things about serving in the military is our “soldier sense of humor.” Different than other kinds of humor, it often functions as part of a larger pressure relief. Born of...

When Will Trial Date Be Set For Sept. 11 and USS Cole Defendants?

The U.S. military has suffered horrendous losses from terrorist attacks, the most deadly being the 1983 Beirut attack in which 241 service members, mostly Marines, died. In what would subsequently become a very effective...

Few People Lost Jobs With V.A. in Scandal

Internal documents show that the number of Veterans Affairs people removed from their jobs since the scandal over manipulated wait times is, at most, three. …read more Read more here:: New York Times –...

Children of military vets may lose tuition benefits in Texas

The children of Texas military veterans would lose many of their recently-acquired college tuition benefits under a bill the Senate Higher Education Committee approved Wednesday. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

Veterans & Smoking: Ending the War on Veterans’ Health

In recent years, attention has been brought to the quality of life veterans experience after serving our country. Unemployment and mental health has held the spotlight in those discussions, but an important underlying issue...

Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?

Jim W. Dean…”Our sources have told us that Israel is the prime nuclear weapons proliferator, using materiel and technology pilfered from US stockpiles buy friends with tactical nukes and block inspections.” …read more Read...

Military Connection: Assisting Those Who Serve

By Debbie Gregory. Purple Heart recipient Joshua Peter’s four-year military career ended the day he was hit by a bomb in Iraq. He and his unit were there to help rebuild a village and...

$50,000 grant to help local homeless veterans

About 13 more homeless veterans will be helped with housing thanks to $50,143 in assistance from the government …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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