Author: DFNS

5 Offenders Who Received Creative Punishments For Stolen Valor

Nowadays, individuals accused of falsely claiming to have served in the military or received military decorations are easily and swiftly humiliated in videos popping up all over the internet. They are ridiculed and chastised...

Afghanistan on the verge of another Durand Line

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Our Durand Line issue is yet to be resolved with Pakistan, while other schemes regarding a new “Durand Line” are under work. The...

The Honorable Life and Untimely Death of Colonel Ted Westhusing.

By Joachim Hagopian Though my portrayal of West Point leadership in the last half century has been anything but positive, as alluded to before a minority of contemporary officers have demonstrated heroic leadership and...

Military Connection: Embracing Your Veteran Culture

By Joe Silva So many Veterans today are suffering– alone. Veterans from all eras are struggling from afflictions such as PTSD or a service-connected disability, or from unemployment, underemployment, lack of fulfillment in their...

Carter: Russian hackers hacked Pentagon’s network

Jim W. Dean…”Does the Pentagon think we are so stupid that we don’t grasp that our own cyber aggression has made us targets ourselves.” …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Pillars of American “Democracy:”  Sunshine Bribery

Summary: In the USA, bribery is palpably institutionalized. The bankers and their allies buy politicians, judges, and officials by financing elections and re-elections, lavishing perks, and providing favorable media and scholarly coverage. Recalcitrant candidates...

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