Author: DFNS

VetScam II: The VA/Brentwood Shell Game

The Hollywood liberal elite and their war on America’s veterans now enters a new phase… …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

VLB Land Loan Limit Increased to $125,000

Texas Veterans are now eligible for low-interest land loans up to $125,000 — the maximum allowed by law. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush increased the land loan limit in his first act as...

Making progress on veterans’ suicide prevention bill

What a difference a few weeks makes. An important suicide prevention bill for veterans, derailed at the end of the last Congress, is back on the fast track. The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for...

Super Deflategate Bowl – Seahawks Will Prevail

It is obvious to me that Brady knew the balls were deflated (as suggested by John Madden and Troy Aikman) and elected either to go along with the illegal balls or suggested the rules...

Here’s What Happens When You Let Veterans Babysit

Ask anyone who has ever served as a noncommissioned officer or higher — military leadership can occasionally feel a bit like babysitting. Young service members occasionally struggle to live up to the standards the...

Warning time for Netanyahu – PressTV

Gordon Duff…”This week President Obama began a relentless bombing campaign against ISIL, paralyzing their ability to move, isolating Mosul and wiping out entire units. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

American Sniper and US doom

Chris Kyle is eulogized as “America’s deadliest sniper” having killed singlehandedly over 200 people during his four tours of duty in Iraq. …read more Read more here:: Veterans News Now – VNN

New Program Prepares Veterans for Hospitality Jobs

University of Phoenix, Hilton Worldwide and Goodwill Industries International are teaming up with one goal: Cultivate the jobs skills of veterans and their spouses to help Hilton hire 10,000 Veterans by 2018 …read more...

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