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Insure Tennessee would close gaps for veterans

Chip Caston has only one lung and is prone to pneumonia, but he spent 2014 worrying about having a heart attack, getting cancer or suffering some other health emergency. …read more Read more here::...

VT Warning of EMP Plot Confirmed by Guardian

Scientist jailed for “unauthorized private terrorism.” You just can’t make these things up… …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

VA hospital nurse gives veteran the shoes off his feet

Chuck Maulden went beyond the medical protocol in treating a man who came to the hospital’s emergency department with huge blisters on his feet. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

The Upgraded AC-130 Gunship Embraces The Old And The New

Amid the high-tech troubles of the F-35 program and the battle over the fate of the A-10 Warthog, an old Air Force workhorse is getting an upgrade by mixing proven weapons with new technology....

How Should Military Leadership Respond To The Calls For Compensation Reform?

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission released its long-awaited final report on Thursday, offering a number of findings and recommendations for improving β€œthe fiscal sustainability of the compensation and retirement systems.” These recommendations...

Changes we could never imagine

Americans have had the Internet and Cell phone for fifteen years now and for the first time in History, Suppressed and Forbidden truth is now available to the Masses. …read more Read more here::...

Serviceman’s journey home brings family together

The explosion hit the twin-engine bomber with a sickly shudder. James Gatlin, a young Army pilot, struggled to steady his aircraft. First Lt. John Adair rushed into the cockpit. The bomb bay is hit,...

Shrimpton – Je Suis Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo & associated attacks were carried out by murderous Islamic terrorists… for once an official French version of events is actually fairly accurate. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

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