Author: DFNS

Brazil under CIA Pressure

The activities of non-government organizations are not restricted in any way; their members have close ties with US embassy and consulate staff, as well as USAID workers. The human intelligence is used to discredit...

Prescott VA hospital detects Legionnaires’ disease

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs says it will flush and decontaminate the water system of its Prescott hospital after detecting the bacterium that causes the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. …read more Read more...

American refugee in Russia persecuted by US gestapo

The only American granted political asylum in Russa – John Robles – is being hounded by the enemies of 9/11 truth. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

An Airman Was Jailed For Giving A Cop A Wet Willy

A drunk airman home on leave in Minnesota gave a local police officer a “double wet willy,” licking a finger on each hand and sticking them in the officer’s ears, and now he has...

NEO – America’s Chechen Proxy Terrorists

– “Henry Kamens takes us on a trip to one of the headwaters of modern terrorism, where unknowing US taxpayers have been footing the bill.” …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

VLB Recognizes Real Estate Industry with Lone Star Circle Awards

Texas real estate professionals and organizations are recognized every year by the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) for their outstanding efforts to promote the VLB’s land and home loan programs. The VLB’s Lone Star...

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