Author: DFNS

Hezbollah Units Move into Saudi

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, or so we were once told… …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today


Droughts don’t happen overnight, I know this because I’m from Crimea, a place that has this very same problem. I experienced firsthand what it’s like to have no water for days. That’s why I...


Soviet Jewelry Channel – Episode 4: In this video Dmitry Tamoikin, founder of SovietJewelry.com, talks about investing in gold and silver, be it in bullion form, coins, antiques or jewellery. Dmitry also candidly explains...

JFK: The James “Ike” Altgen’s photo timeline

The photo of the Kennedy limo taken during the shooting contained too much information–including the alleged “patsy” in the doorway–to allow it to appear without alteration …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Tribute to M. Stanton Evans

Remarks by American Veterans Center President James Roberts Tribute to M Stanton Evans The Heritage Foundation March 13, 2015 I knew Stan for almost 50 years as a mentor, my boss for three years,...

2 Vietnam veterans fighting for federal VA benefits

Two Central Louisiana Vietnam War veterans have been denied benefits, but an advocacy group is fighting to change that. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Finding The Real Jesus Within Ourselves

It is my contention that Jesus did not die for us (contrary to the Catholic church) but, instead LIVED for us ~ for he was indeed a determined revolutionary and an evolutionary forerunner for...

Iran’s Rouhani – Nuke deal compliance a two way street

Jim W. Dean…”It is time for all of us to go on the offensive now against the self-proclaimed “Neo-Axis of Evil”, the Likud Zionists regime and their 5th columns in Congress and AIPAC.” …read...

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