Author: DFNS

Bibi’s Comeback

Those who oppose Israel, its Lobby and Jewish Power must be happy about Bibi’s political victory yesterday. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

Veterans sound off at VA meeting

Like many Permian Basin employers, the West Texas VA Health Care System has run into hard times staffing its facilities, which has impacted everything from scheduling appointments to answering calls. …read more Read more...

War veterans healing, growing by digging in dirt

War veterans aren’t known for being exceedingly open about their feelings, but plant a few of them in a big glass building with a few hundred seedlings and you encounter a sort of “greenhouse...

There’s A Big Change In How Vets Have To File VA Claims

Come March 24, veterans can no longer begin filing a disability claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs by writing an informal statement on any piece of paper, even a napkin. As of next...

That Valor Isn’t Yours To Defend

Recently, Task & Purpose published a piece that highlighted the actions of some purported Army Rangers who called out a man for claiming that he was a Navy SEAL. He clearly wasn’t, but the...

5 Of The Dirtiest Jobs The Military Has To Offer

The military is full of awful work details and daily responsibilities, but whether you’re spending an absurd amount of time picking up trash, mopping, cleaning weapons, you eventually get a break, and thankfully, it’s...

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