Author: DFNS

Oklahoma woman charged in scam of veteran

A Caddo, Okla., woman is facing felony charges dealing with defrauding a veteran and using a computer to obtain money from an organization for veterans. …read more Read more here:: Stars and Stripes Veterans

The Reality Of Being In The Military ‘For Life’

During my bi-annual visit to a local Verizon shop for a cell phone upgrade, the representative assisting me asked for identification to validate my account. I offered my military ID out of habit. This...

A Grunt’s Memoirs: “I ain’t gonna kill nobody.”

My first murder, in cold blood, was an old bitch. She was already too old to live much longer. But it still gave me nightmares … so did my second murder. …read more Read...

Global Warming Hits SF

But I maintain that we are already beyond the point of no return in climate change ~ because the release of previously trapped arctic methane stores into the atmosphere will magnify the gradual effects...

Akron veterans voice support for school tax exemption

The audience at Akron School Board’s meeting last week was dotted with Veterans of Foreign War caps, as at least 20 veterans gathered to voice their support for a proposed school tax exemption. …read...

San Joaquin County Opening Court for Veterans

San Joaquin County is trying a new approach for veterans who have committed minor crimes. February will mark the first time Veteran’s Treatment Court will take place in the area. …read more Read more...

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