Author: DFNS

Trump and the War to Save “the War”

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow Lo and behold, a great threat looms over the Middle East. There is nothing worse for the US and its select allies, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi...

The New Cold War, Good Times as Well

Editor’s note: For those of us who were “cold warriors,” the buildup of US forces, perhaps needlessly, is always a source of nostalgia. In this case, deploying B52s at RAF Fairford, where I spent...

American Art and the Vietnam War

Taken in at a glance, the words ONE THING / 1965 / VIET-NAM are immediately striking. …read more Read more here:: Veterans Today

The ISIS ‘caliphate’ is no more, US-backed forces declare

DEIR AL-ZOR PROVINCE, Syria (Reuters) – U.S.-backed forces proclaimed the capture ofIslamic State’s last territory in Syria on Saturday, eliminating its rule over a self-proclaimed “caliphate”, but the jihadists remain a threat from sleeper...

Army veteran honored for saving woman from assault

Ricardo Delano Whitehead isn’t your average 69-year-old. The U.S. Army veteran still practices martial arts. On Feb. 13, Whitehead happened upon a man he saw tackle a woman before repeatedly punching her. …read more...

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