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Navy captain testifies about drunken fight that preceded civilian worker’s death

A Navy captain removed as commander of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base following the disappearance and death of a civilian worker in 2015 testified in his own defense Tuesday.

John “J.R.” Nettleton isn’t accused in the death of 42-year-old Christopher Tur, but he is accused with obstructing the investigation into his disappearance and lying to investigators.

Nettleton, who was eventually reassigned to Jacksonville, initially concealed that he’d had an affair with Tur’s wife and a bloody fistfight with him the night he went missing.

Addressing the jury in a loud baritone, the 54-year-old began his testimony by running through his professional history and personal milestones, including his rise through the ranks before taking command at Gitmo.

He recounted the night Tur went missing, which began with a drunken evening at the officers club on base.

“All of us probably consumed too much alcohol,” he said.

He testified he didn’t recall acting inappropriately at the bar with Tur’s wife Lara but didn’t challenge the recollection of others who said he had. Nettleton said he had no memory of what initially happened in his home, only lying on his kitchen floor being shaken awake by Tur, saying “Wake up Marine, wake up Marine. C’mon, get up Marine.”

He said Tur was drunk and “cycling” through grievances about his marriage, his belief Nettleton was having sex with his wife, but alternately was chatty and wanted to go back to the officers club to drink.

Eventually, after Nettleton asked him to leave a third time, he said Tur became enraged. He acted out the fistfight for the jury, saying Tur came at him several times before he bloodied his nose.

He grew emotional when discussing his daughter Julia, who was 15 at the time she witnessed the fight. It was her text messages to a friend during that confrontation that tipped investigators …read more

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