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Marine gets 3 years in prison for showing up heavily armed at Offutt Air Force Base

A military judge has sentenced a 23-year-old Hawaii-based Marine to a 36-month prison term on charges of possession of a modified firearm after being accused of attempting to bring firearms and ammunition onto a military base in his home state of Nebraska.

Pfc. Ali J. Al-Kazahg pleaded guilty before the judge, Navy Capt. Ann Minami, at a military courtroom at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, on Tuesday to possession of a machine gun, fraudulent enlistment and false official statement under a plea agreement.

Al-Kazahg had faced a maximum prison term of 22 years for multiple charges including carrying a concealed weapon, possession of modified firearms and unlawful firearm modifications, unauthorized absence, fraudulent enlistment, dereliction of duty, communicating threats and violation of a lawful general regulation.

Under the plea agreement, Minami sentenced Al-Kazahg to 36 months for possession of a firearm, 24 months for fraudulent enlistment and 24 months for false official statement. The terms are to run concurrently, or at the same time.

The judge also ruled Al-Kazahg should be discharged for “bad conduct.”

His sentence includes a 228-day credit of time served in pretrial confinement. He has been confined at Navy Brig Pearl on Ford Island and might be transferred to a brig in Southern California to serve his sentence, according to spokesman Capt. Eric Abrams of the III Marine Expeditionary Force in Hawaii.

Al-Kazahg, of the Combat Logistics Battalion 3, joined the Marine Corps in 2017 and has been stationed at Kaneohe Bay since 2018.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Al-Kazahg apologized to his family, friends and the Marine Corps. “I never intended to hurt anyone in any way.”

He said he planned to work out at a gym at Offutt Air Force Base on May 31 while he was on leave in Nebraska when he was stopped by a sentry at the gate and asked whether …read more

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