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CBS’ new dark comedy ‘68 Whiskey’ is everything that’s wrong with network military shows

The new military show, 68 Whiskey, from Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and CBS, bills itself as a dark comedy, and while I’ll admit that I did laugh a few times during an early screening of the show, it was never in the way that 68 Whiskey intended.

The series follows a small team of medics during their deployment to an austere outpost in Afghanistan, and that’s where 68 Whiskey’s ties to reality start and end.

Just a few minutes into the first episode, the show’s main character, Sgt. Cooper Roback (Sam Keeley), is getting his ass handed to him in a bare knuckle boxing match at the FOB, while his fellow medic, Staff Sgt. Melkhi Davis (Jeremy Tardy), roots for him ringside. Davis’ desperate support for Roback is less about his concern over Roback’s physical well-being, and has more to do with the fact that the two men bet a hefty sum of cash on the match.

It’s also worth noting that they’re both on duty, a point which is driven home minutes later when they’re called to respond to a call for a casualty evacuation. Roback and Davis are joined by Sgt. Rosa Alvarez (Cristina Rodlo) as they fly out to an Afghan village where a soldier has been shot. The casualty, Cpl. Buckley, was apparently wounded while running a “side hustle” to buy some Persian rugs. This is a recurring theme in 68 Whiskey’s first episode. Apparently everyone deployed to Afghanistan is so broke that they gamble nonstop, moonlight as Instagram models for firearm manufacturers (yes, that’s something one of the soldiers does), and sneak off-base all on their own to risk their necks buying furniture.

When the medics arrive, they’re without an escort, and quickly secure the perimeter with their 9mm pistols at …read more

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