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This is what happens when you strap a head-tracking rifle turret to a jet pack

Royal Marine reservist turned inventor Richard Browning’s jet-powered Daedalus Mark 1 exoskeleton has earned him a reputation as a “real-life Iron Man,” but the latest addition to his flying suit is a bit more akin to Col. James Rhodes’ War Machine armor.

A YouTube video published on Oct. 7 shows Browning operating the Deadalus exoskeleton with a shoulder-mounted weapons turret consisting of a select-fire airsoft rifle controlled through movements of the suit’s helmet, not unlike the helmet-mounted displays currently employed by the U.S. armed forces

The shoulder turret was fabricated by James Bruton, an engineer and 3D-printing expert, although Guns.com
notes that Browning company Gravity Industries “made it clear that the addition of the weapon is merely for entertainment reasons only.”

And with good reason: As you can tell from the video, the rifle turret’s current configuration doesn’t yet have the clearance to avoid potentially injuring an operator when rocking live ammo. Still, the sight of a shoulder-mounted weapons turret on an ostensible flying suit is exciting to watch.

Browning has been a busy bee in recent months when it comes to potential military applications of his tech. In late July, Gravity Industries
conducted a short test flight from the Royal Navy’s HMS Dasher (P280), launching from the patrol using his six-turbine rig and training vessel to a smaller rubber motorboat before circling the two.

“Being in command of Dasher while the Gravity Industries team were onboard was very different and a new challenge which I was honored to take on,” Lieutenant Lauren Webber
said in a statement at the time “Taking off and landing on the P2000 [Archer-class vessel] look so easy, despite the ship traveling at 20 knots.”

The previous May, personnel from 539 Assault Squadron, 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1AGRM) — …read more

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