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Trump said we’d get ‘tired’ of winning so much, so why does the US keep losing?

The book “Strange Defeat” details how France was conquered by Nazi Germany in 1940, but it could just as well describe President Donald Trump’s record as commander in chief.

For someone who crows about winning all the time, the president seems to lose quite a bit. Since October 6, he has given Turkish President Recep Tayyip everything he has ever wanted by abandoning the U.S. military’s best allies in Syria, allowing Turkey to establish a safe zone along its border with Turkey that expels all Kurdish forces, and withdrawing most U.S. troops from northeast Syria – allowing Russia to fill the vacuum.

What did he get in return? He gets to gloat that he made good on his campaign promise to end one of the U.S. military’s commitments overseas and bring the troops home. (Although, a better way of saying it is that he allowed Turkey to chase out U.S. forces, who had to leave Syria so quickly that they did not have time to take high value ISIS prisoners into custody and they had to bomb one of their own ammunition dumps.)

Trump does not have a great record when it comes to foreign policy. His maximum pressure campaign to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program has resulted in the Navy losing a $110 million drone and the Pentagon having to deploy thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia after attacks on Saudi oil refineries, which the U.S. government has blamed on Iran.

While Trump wisely walked away from a bad deal on North Korea’s nuclear weapons, he has also given Kim Jong Un carte blanche to test ballistic missiles.

The president may very well face impeachment proceedings over allegations that he used a military assistance package to …read more

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