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‘No further punishment is necessary’ — Eddie Gallagher’s lawyers make their case for clemency to the Navy’s top admiral

Lawyers for former Navy SEAL Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher have told the Navy’s top officer that “no further punishment is necessary” since their client already lost a promotion, Silver Star award, a coveted instructor post, medical treatment for traumatic brain injury, and his own freedom after being incarcerated for more than double the maximum punishment for the one crime he was found guilty of at court-martial, according to a letter requesting clemency that was submitted on Oct. 1.

Carl Prine at Navy Times first reported on the contents of the letter to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday, which refers to Gallagher as “Chief,” although he was reduced in rank to Special Warfare Operator 1st Class soon after trial.

“Chief Gallagher has devoted his entire adult life to serving our country and putting himself in harms way to keep us safe. He has eight combat deployments and numerous medals. He has endured physical damage amounting to 18 separate documented incidents of brain injuries,” reads the letter, which was obtained by Task & Purpose.

“Given this history, we submit that the suffering inflicted on Chief Gallagher and his family as a result of this case far exceeds what is appropriate for a charge of posing for a photo with a dead terrorist.”

Gallagher was cleared of the most serious charges of murder and attempted murder at his court martial in July, and was only found guilty on a single charge of unlawfully posing with a human casualty, which got him a sentence of four months’ confinement and reduction in rank to E6. The court martial has not been finalized yet, since it’s up to the convening authority to approve or modify the sentence.

“We expect a decision to be made by Adm. Gilday by the end of October,” …read more

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