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A toy company will make little green women soldiers after a 6-year-old girl wrote them a letter

After 6-year-old Vivian Lord won fistfuls of tickets at the arcade while on her family vacation along Alabama’s Gulf Coast this summer, she traded them in for one thing: as many of those little green Army men as she could. While she was playing with her new three-inch plastic figures, she left her mother speechless when she asked: “Why are there no girls?”

“She wanted me and my husband to Google it,” said Brittany Lord, Vivian’s mother, “because if there were some, she wanted us to get some. We quickly found there weren’t.”

So Vivian Lord, of Little Rock, Ark., sat down in their vacation condo and wrote a letter that her mother helped her send to a handful of U.S. toy-makers, asking: “Please can you make Army girls that look like women?”

A Scranton based toy-maker responded with a “Roger that.”

This week, ecommerce company BMC Toys announced it’s developing a new platoon with four Army women that will be available by Christmas next year. Jeff Imel, who runs the business out of his Northeast Pennsylvania home, said he’s been kicking around the idea of Army women for years, and first posted on his blog about it last summer after hearing from a retired Navy sailor who asked why they don’t stock female toy soldiers.

But Imel specializes in manufacturing new toys from old molds — his newest is nearly 20 years old. Financing the design, sculpting and development of a brand new toy would cost “about the same as a modest new car,” he said, and Imel just wasn’t sure the demand was there.

The argument against including women in the pack has long been that it wouldn’t be historically accurate, as women weren’t infantry soldiers in the mid-20th century, the era the toys generally reflect.

Things changed for Imel after …read more

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