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The Army is getting a new $130 million hypersonics playground in Texas

Texas A&M, along with the Texas legislature, are throwing a major investment into Army Futures Command with a $130 million facility that aims to make A&M “the hypersonics research capital of the country,” the university system said in a press release.

The facility — being built at the Texas A&M Systems’ RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas, which is just minutes from College Station — will allow AFC to further develop its modernized technologies, the press release says. A&M will be building a $50 million building to hold laboratories and AFC offices, and putting another $30 million into the new facility’s infrastructure.

The Texas legislature is putting up an additional $50 million toward the project for an “innovative proving ground.” The new complex is also going to include a kilometer-long tunnel for testing hypersonics.

Rendering of the Innovative Technologies Development Complex at the RELLIS campus. Photo: Texas A&M System.

A&M made its desire to collaborate with the Army clear in November when the head of the command, Gen. John “Mike” Murray, visited the campus after naming Austin, Texas and the University of Texas System the headquarters for AFC.

“There is not a question you can ask us that the answer is not yes,” A&M Chancellor John Sharp told Murray at the time, per Texas Monthly.

Murray told reporters this July that A&M would be focusing on “hypersonics and directed energy research,” and that soldiers would be paired with engineers “to go into some agile development capability and solving problems for soldiers.”

“We are humbled and grateful to the people of Texas, Texas elected leaders, and the Texas A&M University System for the opportunity to further develop our strategic partnership through …read more

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