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Marine grunts’ first new standard-issue pistol in 30 years is just over the horizon

The head-to-toe overhaul of Marine infantry arsenals that Commandant Gen. Robert Neller promised grunts last year is the gift that keeps on giving: the brand new M18 service pistol, the Corps’ first new standard-issue sidearm since the mid-1980s, is coming to arsenals starting next year

A more compact variant on the M17 service pistol based on the Sig Sauer P320 and developed through the Army’s Modular Handgun System program, the M18 will replace the Beretta M9 adopted by the Marine Corps in 1985, as well as the selectively-fielded Glock 9mm M007 concealed carry and the beloved M45A1.

Marine Corps Systems Command spokesman Maj. Ken Kunze told Task & Purpose that, under the current fielding schedule, Program Manager-Infantry Weapons officials will start doling out
the M18 to a few lucky grunts starting in the third quarter of fiscal year 2020, with a target completion date in “late 2023.”

The M18 at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia on April 17, 2019(U.S. Marine Corps photo)

As part of its $17 million fiscal year 2020 budget request for infantry weapons, the Marine Corps ordered 12,184 M18s under the MHS program to supplement the 20,648 it procured last year, the first batch of which arrived in the hands of Corps officials in February 2019.

By March 2019, Sig Sauer had delivered some 5,000 M18s to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, Sig Sauer’s Gabe Bailey told American Rifleman in April, noting that the Navy and Marine Corps “have received low quantities for training, demonstration and evaluation.”

The M18 “provides modularity and greater shooter ergonomics over the current models which will allow for more accurate fire for military …read more

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