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How one Special Forces family is preparing for their next deployment… to space

If you ask Stacey Morgan, she’ll joke that she doesn’t remember ever hearing her husband say the word “astronaut” until he was applying to be one.

In 2012, Stacey and her husband, Army Col. Andrew “Drew” Morgan, an emergency physician with the Army Special Forces, were living at Fort Belvoir in Virginia when he came home and told her that NASA had opened up applications for astronauts.

“He came home and he said, ‘I’m so excited, NASA is opening up their application window for another class of astronauts,'” Stacey told Task & Purpose. “And I said ‘Um, okay? I don’t know why you’re telling me this — I don’t know, chicken is on sale at the commissary, like, are we just swapping pieces of information?'”

He wanted to apply — but don’t worry, he assured her, they’ve never even selected an Army doctor before. So the couple continued planning for their approaching move to Germany with the Army, something they were very excited about. They often joked that if nothing else, at least he could always say he was a NASA applicant.

Then he got past the first round. And the next. And the next.

Stacey was shopping at the commissary about a year after he applied when her husband called. It was the middle of the day — he never called in the middle of the day.

“He was like ‘How quickly can you get home?’ And I knew this call was coming, and … I checked out at the commissary, got home as quickly as I could, and he’s like ‘I have bad news. We’re not moving to Germany.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my Lord,” she laughed.

So she did what every experienced military spouse excels in doing: She adjusted the plan.

Her husband’s report date in Houston, Texas, …read more

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