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An Unusually High Numbers Of Patriots Players Come From Military And Law Enforcement Families

ATLANTA — Dante Scarnecchia, former Marine Sergeant, places a high value on respect for authority.

He just can’t stand the phrase universally used to express it.

“Guys come in and all they ever say is, ‘Yes, sir,’ which I hate,” Scarnecchia says.

There’s a mini-rant coming.

“That’s kind of a reflective phrase that says, ‘Please don’t yell at me anymore because I’m saying Yes, sir to you,'” Scarnecchia says. “So I tell them, ‘Don’t say Yes, sir.’ Just say, ‘OK, I got it.'”

He pauses.

“Don’t even say that because I hate that worse,” Scarnecchia says. “Just shake your head. It drives me nuts.”

Scarnecchia, the Patriots’ legendary 70-year-old offensive line coach, might have trouble getting his players to break this habit. It’s been ingrained in many of them.

The Patriots have assembled a roster with an unusually high number of players coming from families with parents working in military or law enforcement.

Both of James White’s parents work in law enforcement in South Florida. Trent Brown’s father, Reginald, is a 25-year veteran of the police force in Albany, Ga. Rex Burkhead’s dad, Rick, is an FBI agent in Dallas. Adam Butler’s father retired a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. Elandon Roberts’ father, Eli, served in Iraq and retired as a Master Sergeant. The McCourty twins’ father, Calvin, who died when the boys were young, served in the Army. So did their older brother, Larry White.

Then there’s Keion Crossen’s mother, Winnie, and Deatrich Wise’s mom, Sheila. Both were in the Army.

And Joe Cardona, who himself serves in the Navy. His father, Patrick, spent 24 years in the Navy.

All told, about one-fifth of the Patriots roster grew up with a military or law enforcement influence.

One former NFL general manager said the number “intuitively seems high” when compared with other teams, but acknowledged he’s never analyzed the topic. Patriots character …read more

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