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Meet Three Military Vets Finding Their Calling at Blizzard Entertainment

Editor’s Note: The following story highlights a veteran at Blizzard Entertainment. Committed to including talented members of the military community in its workplace, Blizzard Entertainment is a client of Hirepurpose, a Task & Purpose sister company. Learn more here.

Transitioning to the civilian workforce can be a daunting thought for service members of any generation. The camaraderie of serving in uniform, regardless of rank, is something hard to match outside the military. But for those servicemen and women looking to transition to an employer who values military service and encourages veterans, look no further than Blizzard Entertainment.

Widely known as the entertainment and software home of games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch and StarCraft, Blizzard isn’t just a home to gamers, developers and artists, it’s a place that values diversity, empowers its employees and encourages growth. Blizzard’s mission statement isn’t just a bunch of words – they truly embody it and live it in every possible way. And that is something that veterans love about working at Blizzard.

Embrace your inner geek

Blizzard Entertainment

Byron Salvatierra, a Blizzard employee for five years, is the coordinator for the Blizzard Veterans Group.

“At Blizzard, we’re told to embrace our inner geek, whether that’s tech or game-related or not,” says Army veteran and IT – Service Operations Manager Byron Salvatierra. A Blizzard employee for five years, Salvatierra is the coordinator for the Blizzard Veterans Group. “We started as a small group of military veterans looking for that camaraderie you find in the service and we started an email distribution group within the company,” he says. The regular emails evolved into regular meetings and eventually launched as a formal group with a name, logo and mission statement. The mission of the veterans group is encouraging social interaction, promoting awareness of veterans’ issues within the Blizzard community …read more

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