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The Navy Is Seeking A Few Thousand Good Men

Editor’s Note: This article by Hope Hodge Seck originally appeared on Military.com, the premier source of information for the military and veteran community.

U.S. Navy officials confirmed this week that the service will need “on the order” of 350 ships to accomplish its global mission in the coming decade.

And with that ramp-up in shipbuilding must come a significant surge in force strength, the chief of naval personnel told members of Congress on Wednesday.

Speaking to members of the House Armed Services subcommittee on military personnel, Vice Adm. Robert Burke said the service will require between 20,000 and 40,000 additional sailors to man a fleet of that size, depending on how fast the ships are built.

Currently, the Navy has 275 active ships and 335,000 active-component sailors. The proposed ramp-up represents roughly a 28 percent increase in the size of the fleet and an increase of up to 12 percent in force end strength.

“The infrastructure that we have in place in terms of our recruit training command is sufficient, given shipbuilding timelines, to put enough sailors through there,” Burke said. “We would have to ramp up additional drill, recruit division commanders, and perhaps additional training capacity, but probably not additional infrastructure is where we are with that right now.”

In addition to shipbuilding speed, one factor that will affect the size of the required Navy ramp-up is how many of the new ships are manned, Burke said.

“We think that that force also needs to be a mix of manned and unmanned vessels,” he said. “So that could also reduce the manpower increase. But we’re very much looking at that.”

In an assessment of the future Navy released on Wednesday, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said the future fleet will include unmanned surface ships and underwater …read more

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