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Understanding Veterans – From Career Candidacy Through Retention

The Need for Employer Hiring Initiatives

Most people find career decisions difficult to make. Statistics show it’s even harder for veterans to launch their post-military career. A recent study from VetAdvisor and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families now shows that even when veterans find a post-military job, they’re likely to leave it. In fact, according to a discussion of the survey results by Navy Times, over half of all veterans are likely to do so within the first two years because of “low job satisfaction and limited opportunities for advancement.” Further broken down, 44% leave in the first year and 21% between years one and two, it’s clear that veterans are not happy with the career or role they’ve chosen.

A whole list of reasons emerge, including “a lack of advancement opportunity in their offices, tedious work requirements and finding that the job is a poor match with their military skills.” The silver lining is that many others simply found a better opportunity, but usually after a complicated transition from the military to begin with, undergoing multiple civilian job changes isn’t what we’d call an ideal scenario.

So what do we do? We focus on making the right match the first time around.

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