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Challenges of Applying for VA Disability Benefits: Two Stories

Disabled veterans often become very frustrated during the process of applying for VA disability benefits. The process takes too long, documents get lost, and seemingly inexplicable rulings are made. The difficulty of applying affects real people who suffer as a result. The stories in this post illustrate the challenges that some veterans face when they apply for veterans disability benefits.

Gulf War Vet Faces Obstacles in Getting Benefits

One recent news report describes the situation of a California U.S. Army veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. According to the 52-year old veteran, the United States bombed the Iraqi chemical weapons deployed on the front lines, setting them on fire. The veteran claims that for three months he breathed the smoke from the weapons fires, and now suffers from Gulf War Syndrome. He says he is no longer able to work because of severe headaches, eye problems, chronic diarrhea, cramping and muscle spasms. He believes the symptoms come from long-term, low-level exposure to the toxic smoke from the burning chemical weapons.

He has lived with these symptoms since he left the Army more than 20 years ago, but they have recently become much worse, …read more

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