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Prioritizing the Healing of Post-Military Veterans

Healing the Wounds of Veterans

While catching up on some reading over the Labor Day weekend, one article from Senator Julie Lassa (24th District in northern Wisconsin), caught my eye. She reminded us that not all combat injuries are the kind you can see and that psychological factors often represent a tremendous hurdle for veterans as they attempt to make the transition back to civilian life.

She points out that behavioral issues can lead to run-ins with the law. “Some veterans try to self-medicate with alcohol and other drugs, which can make the problems worse. Mental illness can also contribute to higher rates of both unemployment and homelessness among veterans compared to the general population. Tragically, it also contributes to 22 veteran suicides a day nationally.”

Lassa shared staggering statistics:

  • More than 103,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD
  • More than 253,000 sustained traumatic brain injuries
  • Some estimate that 14 to 16 percent of veterans suffer from PTSD – twice the general population
  • Many veterans also suffer from depression, substance abuse and other disorders

In Wisconsin, Lassa pointed to a Mental Health Summit that took place on Aug. 20, 2014, at the Tomah VA Medical Center, that brought together key stakeholders to discuss ways to help veterans access …read more

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