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American Veterans Center applauds President Obama for Honoring Afghanistan veteran Sgt. Kyle J. White with the Medal of Honor; Urges Similar recognition for Iraq War Veterans

April 16, 2014

Washington DC – American Veterans Center President James Roberts praised President Obama and the Department of Defense for awarding the Medal of Honor to former Army Sergeant Kyle J. White for extraordinary valor displayed in the war on terror in Afghanistan.

“Sgt. White is eminently deserving of the nation’s highest award for valor,” Roberts stated, adding, “This brings to seven the number of living recipients of the Medal of Honor who served in Afghanistan.”

Roberts concluded by saying, “it is now my fervent hope, and that of the overwhelming majority of living recipients of the Medal of Honor, that similar recognition will finally be given to the 1.5 million combat veterans of Iraq, none of whom has to date received the nation’s highest award for valor.

“It is past time for this terrible slight to be addressed.”

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